Christ Apostolic Church (WOSEM)

4408 Georgia Avenue, Washington, DC 20011


Apostle (Dr.) T.O. Obadare - Founder, World Soul Evangelistic Ministries

Reverend (Dr.) Paul Obadare - General Overseer (North America & Europe)




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The mission of the Music Ministry is to pass across the message of our Lord Jesus Christ through songs. The ministry renders songs to glorify and encourage the body of Christ. It provides music that will set worship and praise tone in the service, and also compliment the message from the shepherd. Musicians are encouraged to join.  Please click on the link below to listen to Praise and Worship songs from popular artists, and to view and/or download some of our Praise & Worship PowerPoint slides.

Praise & Worship



The Pastoral Aid Ministry assists in special needs of the pastor by contributing to his moral, physical and financial support whenever and wherever possible. These members strive to see that the many needs of the Shepherd of God is supplied with the acts of kindness.



The purpose of the Women�s Ministry is to help each woman to be all that she can be in Christ Jesus; to support and enlighten women about health matters that could threaten them and their families; to acknowledge that for every circumstance in a woman�s life, there is a female biblical character with whom she can identify in a particular through their giving, loving and sharing, as she reaches each victory for our Lord and Master. �Let the elders that rule be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine� (2nd Timothy 5: 17).



The Bible often speaks of stewardship. A steward is a servant whose master places him over all his properties and affairs. The steward owns nothing, but is responsible to his master for everything. In the Christian sense, a steward is the manager of the property and affairs of God on earth. In His grace, God permits us to hold and to use his property for good and for His glory; but we must bear in mind not to have the attitude that it belongs to us or to use as we wish. A Christian Steward serves God out of love and gratitude, knowing that it is not how much we have, but what we do with what we have. �Moreover, it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful, proving himself worthy of trust� (1 Cor. 4: 2).



The Newsletter Committee plans and produces a periodic newsletter, to highlight the church�s missions and activities. The newsletter is distributed to our church members, friends, and supporters, both locally and nationwide.



This ministry needs volunteers whose aim, ideas and passion is to make the work of God in this church known to the community. The goal of this ministry is to devise means of publicizing the church through the media like radio, TV, website, newsletters, newspaper, and tape ministry. This department will solicit for members and new members� financial support to keep the church on the lime light.



Single men and women need the church just as much as married couples. They need support to cope with problems and decisions affecting their lives, and are searching for a purpose beyond themselves to which they can alter their lives. The Single Ministry helps single adults of all ages in their search and shows them the essential ingredients of life by providing a non-threatening and non-conceive atmosphere in which they can learn, share and gain strength from the message of salvation.



People in this ministry must be willing to dedicate themselves to the lifting up of the church and its ministries. They will devote time for self-development and constantly be in the gap of the church through prayer and fasting. They would be trained how to lead prayer activities in the church.



This ministry is committed to making the house of God look presentable, accommodating and accessible to the worshipping angels. They maintain and supervise the cleaning, re-arrangements, restructuring, decorating and re-constructing of the house of God.



A church faithful to the Bible is a caring church. It is a church that plans to care for its members and visitors. This ministry implements the New Testaments to �serve on another� (Gal.5: 13), and to be �devoted to one another� (Rom.12: 10) by organizing visitation.



This ministry is anointed to use every medium to win souls in the Kingdom of God. The people in this ministry must be dedicated and have the goals of saving, keeping, and nourishing both old and new believers. They will create new means of soul winning, house fellowship or events to invite people or non-believers.



Individual volunteering for this ministry must be givers and tithers. This is a ministry of giving. Their duties include:

  • Creating and managing the financial resources of the church, developing and managing the annual budget of the church.

  • Banking and disbursing funds into various avenues, i.e. payments of the church bills, etc.




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